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TradeCopy is a pair of MT4 expert advisors that allow copying of trades between accounts. The master EA is called TradeProvider, the slave is called TradeFollower.

To copy trades, You need to start the master EA on the provider account and start the copier EA on the follower account. One provider can serve any number of followers but one follower can follow only one provider. However, You can start any number of followers in the same account to follow multiple providers.


The TradeCopy pair of EAs have the following features:

  • mirror copy all trades or filter by magic numbers
    • follower trades will be opened with the same magic numbers
  • follower determines risk on a per trade basis:
    • risk based on SL, or
    • risk based on provider trade volume but adjusted to follower equity with a custom multiplier, or
    • fixed lot sizes


Current version of provider/follower EAs have the following limitations:

  • follower must be able to access provider's terminal (on file system level)
    • this means that any remote file systems may cause serious lag and are not recommended
  • You shouldn't copy trades in both directions between the same accounts (would cause opening infinite number of trades, until account is blown)
  • there is a small lag in time, follower can react at most on the next tick
    • EA needs to be put on a highly volatile pair, or on multiple pairs with the same settings (multiple followers on the same account for the same provider)
  • Keep in mind that using ths EA might violate other EAs' and/or signal providers' license agreements. By using this EA You take all responsibilities.
  • currently both EAs are beta versions so please do extensive testing before using on live account(s)!


NOTE: TradeProvider / TradeFollower EAs are heavily under
upgrade. Please ask about their status if You need them!


TradeCopy is a commercial application that can be obtained from me. Please make a donation of at least €10 using the PayPal or MoneyBookers icon on the left. Send me an email after that and I'll be happy to send You the application.