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Report Merger

Report Merger is a useful tool for traders planning to run multiple EAs on the same account. Report Merger makes it much easier to test multiple strategies running concurrently even with money management enabled. You can easily check the expected risk and gain and adjust money management parameters to get an optimal portfolio.

Adjusting parameters and (re-)merging backtests in Report Merger is much faster than re-running strategies in MetaTrader. A typical merge takes only a few seconds on a usual computer while running a backtest could take hours on a decent hardware.

Report Merger is a desktop application capable of processing MetaTrader 4 backtest reports and runs under Microsoft Windows.

Key features

  • Merge multiple backtest statements
  • Compounding support
  • Adjust Money Management on a “per EA” basis
  • Rapid operation speed (merge statements within seconds)
  • Export generated statement
  • Detailed statistics
  • 2 balance graphs: trade based and time based


Report Merger recalculates the very same statistics as MetaTrader does plus a lot more:

  • Technical:
    • Modeling quality of merged statement (average)
    • Mismatched chart errors (sum of all errors)
  • Total net profit, Gross profit, Gross loss
  • Profit factor
  • Expected value per trade
  • Absolute drawdown, Maximal drawdown, Relative drawdown (unfortunately floating drawdown cannot be considered)
  • Number of trades, Short trades, Long trades
  • Profitable trades, Losing trades
  • Greatest winner, Greatest loser
  • Maximal and average consecutive profit and loss
  • Contribution to profit by each expert

For every statistics Report Merger calculates values in pips too (only where valid).

Merged report

The generated report contains all the above statistics plus the settings for each expert used in the merge and the list of all executed trades ordered by close time.

You can have a look at a sample merged report here.


Currently Report merger doesn't calculate floating drawdown which is due to the lack of price feed. The other limitation is that trade times are always broker dependent, they aren't converted to a common time zone so trade order might not correspond to actual execution order. However this doesn't affect graph/statistics significantly.


First of all, run all the backtests You want to merge in MetaTrader terminal as usual. Aim for the best possible modelling quality (99% or at least 90%) with no chart errors. Keep in mind that You should run all the backtests using the same deposit currency.

When all the statements are ready simply import them using the “Add…” button and browse for the statements. Multiple statements can be added at once.

After the backtests are imported You can finetune their settings per backtest by right clicking in the list:

  • Select which trades to consider: longs only, shorts only or both
  • Which money management algorithm to use:
    • Linear: enables compounding, each trade's volume will be recalculated based on the original statement's balance/volume ratio for that specific trade
    • Basket: enables compounding like “linear” mode but simultaneously existing open trades (from the same expert) will have the same trade volume
    • None: no compounding, trade volume will be the same as it was in input statement
  • Trade volume multiplier: trade volume multiplier used on every trade (applied after selected money management method)

Last step is to set the initial capital and the date range for the generated report.

Press the “Merge” button and analyze the merged statement. You can export it to file by pressing the “Export” button.


Report Merger is a commercial application that can be obtained from me. Please make a donation of at least €10 using the PayPal or MoneyBookers icon on the left. Send me an email after that and I'll be happy to send You the application.